Addictive Head Fuck

Hidden World

One of my favorite stories, based on a dream I once had (the dream was without the sexy bits, admittedly).

Also, their tigers are spotted instead of striped.

Slight Deviation From Verism

Back on Tumblr, in premordial time, I had this dude who would reblog my stuff and comment that it's completely unrealistic, that there is no such thing as forced chastity in real life, that it always requires the willing cooperation of the "slave", and so on, until I pointed out that it's a bit strange to pick that deviation from versim and not all the magical spells or technologies from the future or the nonchalant ways legally binding slavery contracts are treated in what looks like contemporary western societies, or all the other stuff in my captions that's obviously highly unrealistic. And sure, an indestructible, undefeatable chastity cage would be difficult to construct. Likewise, it wouldn't be a good idea to slap a chastity cage on a random stranger and expect him to wear that thing without a break for the rest of his life: in real life, finding the right device for long-term comfortable wear is an elaborate, time-consuming process. But hey, the idea of waking up after a one-night stand and finding yourself trapped in a chastity cage and enslaved and denied for the rest of your life, while completely unrealistic, might make for a good read. Depending on what turns you on.


Public Relations Assistant

Cool, Aloof, Laconic Girl

Inducing A Selective Growth Spurt

To clarify a potential misunderstanding: I don’t think that the curvaceous body of Bianca Beauchamp (the model in the second and third image) is inherently superior to the slim body of Princess Fatale (the model in the first image), or vice versa, both are beautiful women, and there are more than one way to be pretty. Nor do I want to imply that Princess Fatale looks like a boy. Except that Beauchamp has some extra curves which make her look even less plausible as a boy. Which makes the biosuit even more impressive, and the transformation even more dramatic.

Also, the biosuit makes your hair turn red, and red hair is objectively better.

On The Margins Of Her World