Annulled Accomplishments

From Anchorage To Honolulu

Sometimes I put way too much research into these captions. For example, while writing the text for this caption, I learned that Anchorage is far from being the coldest large city in America. A fascinating topic, but I'm not going to change the setting.

The Comforting Simplicity Of Men

Not tagged as "latex", since it's clearly not latex.


Rate My Tits

This whole "image with a short caption" genre is obviously very focused on visuals, and I often use images of women I find attractive (including this one), which might make these captions come across as somewhat shallow. Real life has other rules, at least in my experience: whether or not I find someone attractive depends on how much I like them, their smarts, their grace, things that don't necessarily translate well to a photograph.

Smart Suit Automode

must… obey… must… obey…

Timesafer Bladder Catheter

While the previous caption was definitely not femdom, this one is a bit ambiguous: we don't know the gender of the person talking, so it could be a dominant man.

But it isn't.

Oh, wait, I believe in the death of the author, so I don't have any special authority to provide you with metatextual information, "Word of God" in fandom parlance. So you better ignore me and my marginal notes. If you want to imagine the speaker who requires your undivided attention and forces you to wear not just a chastity cage, but also a catheter as a butch, bear-like man with muscles, a bit of a belly and lots of chest hair instead of the red-haired latex dominatrix with giant boobs and gorgeous hips that I had in mind, that's up to you.


Hamming It Up

Thanks for the effort, mistress.

Unfair Work/Fun Distribution

This is a rare caption of mine that I can't in good consciousness tag as "femdom".

Garage Sale Ren Fair Prop

I'm pretty sure I've used this image before (back in the olden days on Tumblr), so I flagged it as a duplicate.

On The Margins Of Her World